Please adhere to our policies and regulations for the duration of your stay:

1. All traffic regulations (StVO) are in full force on the premises, access roads

2. All persons must register at camp supervisors before entering the
campground. Camping fees must be paid in order to access the campground.
All persons must possess and display a valid camping permit during the
entire stay.

3. The use of the campsite and its facilities is at your own risk. The campsite is
not supervised. The campsite operator is not liable for damages of any kind
(e.g. accidents, injuries, losses of personal belongings and damaged items).
This exclusion of liability shall not apply in case of intent or gross
negligence on the part of the campsite operator.

4. Prohibited Activities:

1. Starting or maintaining campfires (barbecues are only allowed in the fire
pits/barbecues provided at the campsite);
2. Fireworks of any kind and the usage of stentorian stereos are not
3. Digging ditches around tents;
4. Operation of vehicles, in particular Quads, Mopeds or Motor Scooters,
within the campground is limited to entering or leaving. Unnecessary
driving is not permitted. Driving vehicles not approved for road use (selfbuilt
constructions) is strictly prohibited.
5. Pets are not to be unleashed and must be kept under control at all times.

5. All garbage and litter must be deposited in waste bags provided.

6. No person shall fail to comply with instructions of the camping staff.
Support and adhere to all campground rules and regulations. Violation of any
campground rule is grounds for eviction. Consequences include, but are not limited to
removal from the camp. Criminal charges may be filed whenever acts of misconduct
are committed.


The campsite Team